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Sorry it has taken me this long to get a thank you note sent out for the best service I have ever received, from the towing to the great work done on my vehicle.

You went out of your way to help us get back on the road and saved our vacation.

I would highly reccommend your garage and give you a triple "A" Rating.

Again Thank you,

Nancy Merril

P.S. After the battery and alternator were installed, we had a really great trip.


Dear NJ Turnpike Authority

Recently I had an oil leak on the Turnpike and had to have my car towed. As you are a state road, I had to be towed by the company who had the contract. It turned out to be Tumino's towing in Elizabeth.

My car is old, and I am hoping to replace it soon. The last thing I needed was expensive repairs and towing charges.

Tumino's could not have been more accomdating with my situation. The car was fixed inexpensively, and the towing was billed to triple AAA. On top of this, the tow truck driver dropped me off at a light rail station near his house.

Everyone was friendly, and the car was repaired quickly.

I think you should be aware of the wonderful partner you have selected for this part of the Turnpike. I was very pleased.

Best Regards,

Alan Woodruff
Floral Park, NY


Dear Owner

I wanted to take the time to thank you for repairing our 1994 Freightliner. The service was quick. It is often a fear for small companies to breakdown over the road. Your company made us feel like we were in our own shop.

Thank you so much for your New Yorker's southern hospitality. Please know that you have a friend at Bruce's Truck Services.

Belinda P.



Good news and good service reports are hard to come by. We had a breakdown in NYC with one of our leased tractors on Wednesday night. We called the 1800 number they provide as required under our lease agreement. After waiting almost four hours for a tow truck to materialize, I called Anthony @ Tumino's. Anthony handled the call professionally and as promised has us pulled out of a tricky NYC delivery dock so our other three trucks could complete their night's work. He promised a quick response and we were pull started and back on the road in less than 1 hour.

Please pass this on to Anthony and thank him for us. I plan on meeting with our leasing company to discuss the feasibility of us just calling Tumino's directly instead of the 1 800 provider.

Manny C.


Today I had your company tow my 45' Prevost motorhome back to Prevost in South Plainfield NJ from Newark Delaware. Bob from your southern offce did the job and I must say I am impressed! To find a young person like him with the ability and temperment he has is what we say in my company "he is a keeper". I'm fussy with my bus but I found him fussier! When construction on the turnpike delayed us over an hour he did cuse and get bent out of shape he apologized for not being able to do his job quickly. I told him he did a great job but it is always nice to hear it from the boss! So if you would please pass my note onto the boss because this guy is good! Thanks

Jeff Miller
Sun Marketing Inc. Pres


At 6pm Sunday the 28th of August I began to seek out a towing company to move some generators from Maple Shade, NJ to New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island for our customer FedEx. After hours on the phone with numerous companies (who would not take the work), I was finally referred to Tumino’s Towing. Dave took my call and said he would call back. I know he heard the desperation in my voice as I was at the panic mode. Dave did call back within 10 minutes and agreed to deliver all of the equipment that night. I told him I was 45 minutes from my office before I could sign anything or give a credit card. He calmed me down and said don’t worry, we will get on it, just call when you get there. I have to tell you, if is unusual today to find a business like yours. We too try to go above and beyond the call of duty and now I know that Tumino’s does. Everyone I spoke to with your company was helpful and had the “can do” attitude. Ree has been fantastic with all of her help.

Whoever the owner of the company is, I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You have a team of people who care about the customer and I appreciate all that was done. FedEx is one of our largest customers so you saved us with your professionalism and expeditious manner of business.

To Dave and Ree, you are the best!

Thank you all very much,

Paramount Power, Inc.


A very special thanks to Tumino’s Towing and driver Tyler who provided me with exceptional service in July 6. Breaking down far from home is a nightmare - but my experience was made much, much better thanks to Tyler’s kindness, service and expertise.

Much thanks,
Joanne Bergin


Dear Mr. John Tumino:

I want to congratulate you on hiring such a caring and good morale employee to your place of business, employee Robert Henry.

I know that towing could be back breaking dirty work and could frustrate the average man but Mr. Robert Henry took it in stride and was very professional, he attacked the tow like it was his car and kept every chain of rope away from the paint if you knew me I’m very anal about the paint on this car. I take pride in the car because it was a goal I had set to myself a long time ago and finally achieved it. It’s a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible that I purchased three years ago.

Not only did he perform the tow to perfection but he also let me use his cell phone so I could try to line up a ride. When I couldn’t secure a ride he asked where I lived and he said it was on his ride back to the shop and could drop me off which I gladly accepted.

Robert Henry’s willingness to go that extra mile should carry him far in your company Tumino’s Towing Business.

Again, thank you and congratulations on having a great young employee with his head screwed on tight especially today.

Scott L. Stoor


Attn: Mr. John Tumino, President

I would like to express my appreciation for the expedicious and professional service provided by Jorge Duque on April 15th. I was operating a coach bus for Kelley Transit/Nason Partners of Torrington, Ct. when the coach became disabled on the Whitestone Bridge Plaza. It was apparent that when Jorge responded you had sent the right man forthe job. He expediciously performed his work with speed and efficiency. He made a bad situation better by removing the disabled coach from a hazardous position to the Lombardi service plaza.

In a short period of time, due to Jorge's assistance, I was able to resume my return to Torrington,Ct. Again, I would like to thank you and your company, in particular Jorge Duque, for a job well done.

Ken Kirschner, Operator


Dear Mr. Tumino:

"On February 9, 2011, my car broke down completely and the AAA sent one of your drivers to get me off the Garden State Parkway. Given that we were relatively close to my mechanic, I had him tow me there and assumed the additional charges.

It had been my intent to call you about this driver, but a number of family issues called me to Connecticut. I forgot to call.

I am 75 years old but very active and in good health. I share this because I have had many tows over my life span, and I must tell you that the driver who came to my aid on that day could not have been a better representative of your organization. He was courteous above all else. He explained in completely clear terms what he required of me. He was clean, and his truck was clean. In short he was completely opposite what I have come to expect in such situations. He recognized that I was distressed and kept the conversation light.

Finally, he is intelligent. After 23 years of formal education, and years as a college professor, corporate executive and professional consultant, I recognize intelligence when I see it. Further, he spoke enthusiastically about his work and his employer.

I should have taken down his name, but I was preoccupied with bank business and an afternoon appointment in Brooklyn. My invoice # was 250175. If you can identify this driver, please thank him again for me. He brought light to what might have been a dreary situation."

Sincerely yours,

Bertil C. Nelson, Ph.D.


I am an owner operator for Dart out of Mn, on sat Feb 5 2011 I lost my starter. After being towed into Elizabeth shop, I needed a hotel that allowed pets (I have a bird and puppy that ride with me) after finding one I was strapped for cash for a taxi. The driver Mike S offered to drop me and my pets off at the hotel on his way hom, using his personal car and told me he would pick me up on Monday morning on his way to work. This is the kind of people that make a business thrive. I will definitely use your company in the future if needed - Again very special thanks to Mike for his help and willingness to lend a hand when needed.

Ernest Hotchkiss


Dear Mr. Tumino

On Friday 1/15 my truck broke down on the NJ Turnpike just before exit 14A. I called AAA and they passed me through to the authorized Turnpike Towing Company. What could have been a disaster turned out to be a fairly painless experience largely due to your tow truck operator Raphael (Ralph). The turnpike told me someone would arrive to help me in 30 mins. Ralph arrived in about 20-25. He was very polite. Introduced himself and offered to let me wait in the warm cab of the tow truck. Ralph quickly had my pickup truck on his flatbed. He took me to a Pep Boys Shop that was only a 10 minute walk from my Jersey City office. Ralph made a real impression that he was a very hardworking and caring individual. You are lucky to have someone of his caliber on your staff.


Ralph Morris

Mr. Tumino

I used your services last night on the GSP. Your driver Albert was excellent and very professional. at a time when we are vulnerable it is great to be serviced by a company that cares about people in need.

I will keep your telephone number for the future

Thank you.

Jim Harding
Pearl River NY

Hello, my name is Bill Swift from Mr Bill Trucking. Recently about a month ago I experienced a break down in the middle of the night off the NJ Turnpike, your company was called to the scene by a police officer, and shortly one of your trucks showed up to provide the service needed.

Normally I do not write everytime I have a break down, but from my experience many tow truck co's try to stick you up for all you have. But your supervisor on duty was very professional and accomadating.

About ten years ago I owned Mr Bill's Transit. Had many employees. The success of a co. depends on the quality of it's people. Because of the profeshionalism of Robert Davey, I will continue to call on you for services when needed. And of course recommend furture business to you.

Much Success
Bill Swift

Just wanted to let you know that your guys did an excellent job in responding to our call on Sunday afternoon. I received a call informing me that 4 of our tractors had caught on fire down in our Dayton facility. Your guys responded in a prompt manner and did everything that we asked of them. They had to move the remains of the tractor to an area that we had designated and they even helped clean up the area so that the hazmat team could continue their work. Please pass this along to whoever was there on Sunday.

Bruce Turner
Food Haulers

This letter is to PRAISE your employee Mister Mike Scala for his very professional work.

We are Jehovah's Witnesses that visit the Watchtower facilities every year in Brooklyn, Walkill and Patterson, New York. On the morning of August 30th, our bus from the Gaudreault (Murry Hill) company in Québec, Canada couldn't get started. Our bus driver called our company and Mister Mike Scala came, LISTENED to our bus driver's problem and, right away, asked him to open the back door to see the motor. He, Mike, went to his truck and brought back a spray can and unscrewed the cover of, I believe was the air filter to the carburetor and, sprayed a few times. He then asked our bus driver to start the bus. It started up very well. Mister Mike Scala then said let it run a few minutes and "I think everything will be O.K." And, everything was, after that, O.K.

We were at the Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel on Spring Street and had 2 visits to make in Brooklyn, one at 8:30 that we couldn't get to and the most important one at 25 Columbia Heights that we did make and THANKS to Mister Mike Scala who was very professional and very conscientious about our whole predicament.

If I were his boss, I would give him a raise and I would want to keep him forever as a very good employee representing my company. I, as his boss, would have a lot of confidence in him as a good representative of the company.

I sincerely hope that he reads this letter and again THANK YOU Mister Mike Scala for your good work and conscientious way of treating our group travelling on the bus that you saved...

André Perreault

"Thank you so very much for all the kindness that you extended to me and the 5 young ladies with me the day our car broke down on the Garden State Parkway.

To start with, if that tow truck operator wasn't in the vicinity and taken matters into his own hands...we probably would've gotten struck by passing vehicles. It was a frightening situation and he rescued us, indeed.

Once at your station, we were treated with such compassion, courtesy, and fairness that my faith in humanity has actually been restored. It was a perfect opportunity for a less-than-credible repair shop to take advantage, but you did nothing of the sort.

And then for you to go out of your way to return my sweatshirt is just incredibly considerate! I couldn't appreciate the effort anymore...it really was so very good and decent of you.

So for a day that could've been extremely difficult for us, instead was saved by the many angels at Turnpike Auto Center. You have my deepest gratitude for everything."

Most Sincerely - Betty E. Schlicht

"On Saturday my Volvo broke down at the edge of the New Jersey Turnpike. The trooper came out to help us and insisted on calling a tow truck. I askef for a AAA towing company. Doug Santana, from your company arrived shortly thereafter and took care of everything. I wanted to write this letter to thank you for his outstanding service. He was not only pleasant and polite but also efficient and quick. I would appreciate it if you could thank him for me."

Andrew Walton

"Thank you for the Outstanding Job completed in Rancocas two weeks ago. Your equipment is First Rate. Your men are professionals on top of their game.

You made me look like a Superstar moving 13 truckloads in 2 Days!!! Thank you for everything. If you ever need referrals from satisfied customers - tell them to call me."


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